I think my WakaWaka Power 5 is defect, what can I do?

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Please read the following tips & tricks, so you can make optimal use of your WakaWaka.

The information is categorized, it might seem a lot of text but we want to advise you to try to read the whole page.




Sometimes, when the WakaWaka Power 5 has been stored for an extended period or when the Power 5 has not been used for a while, the battery can become drained. No worries! This isn’t harmful and can resolved easily by charging the it with a micro-USB through the AC grid once. This gives it an energy boost that normally does the trick! A universal micro-USB charger is the same cable as the one from an Android phone, for example, and can be bought at any electronic shop or phone shop.

We advise you to frequently use the Power 5 to keep the battery active.


The Power 5 connectors

From left to right, the connectors are appropriate

  1. de special connectors meant for the WakaWaka solar panels

  2. micro USB-ports for connecting to the grid

  3. USB port for charging non-Apple devices

  4. USB port for charging Apple devices

  5. USB port for charging devices other than the Apple plus and Pocket Lights




How far has your Power 5 been charged?

The 4 lights on top indicate the battery status. They will light up when you press the round black button once and when you charge your Power 5 via the grid.

4 Green LED’s = 100%, 3 green LED’s = 75%, 2 green LED’s = 50%, 1 green LED = (<)25%.

If the battery status shows only one light, it could be that your Power+ doesn’t have enough power to charge your phone. However you can still use the flashlight function perfectly fine!


How fast is if my Power 5 charging?

When your battery is as good as empty, it needs a lot of time to charge the first 25% of your battery (from 0 to 1 light), whether you charge it from the grid or with the solar panel. This is also the case for the last 25% of your battery charge (from 3 to 4 lights). This is to protect the battery of your Power 5. In short, charging between 20% and 80% is relatively quicker than charging to 20% or beyond 80%. Therefore we advise you to not let your Power 10 drain completely before recharging.



How to charge the Power 5 with DC power?

To charge your Power 5 from the grid you can use a micro-USB cable. This is the same USB cable as used for an Android charger for example, and it is sold at most electronics stores.

Whilst charging via the grid one of the green lights will blink. This light indicates which ‘quarter’ of the battery is currently being charged. When you charge your Power 5 via the grid, the lights will stop blinking once it is fully charged.

If your WakaWaka isn’t charging, you can first check if you’ve used a good quality charger and data cable. You could try to use another USB cable and/or charger and see what happens.


How long does it take for the Power 5 to charge from the grid?

It takes at least 5 hours for the Power 5 to fully charge from the grid with a so called ‘fast charger’ with 2,1 A output. If you are using a charger with 1A output (as most old models of the Android phones) it will take approximately 10 hours.



How do I charge the Power 5 via the sun?

You can charge a Power 5 with a WakaWaka solar panel. It takes approximately 4-8 hours to fully charge the Power 5 via the solar panel.

When it is not that sunny or when your WakaWaka is behind (double) glazing, the charging efficiency decreases by 70%.


How can I see that the Power 5 is charging from the sun?

If you use a Solar Panel, you can tell when your device is charging from the sun when the red lights (also left half circle) are blinking; these lights indicate the speed with which your Power 5 is being charged from the sun.



How much capacity can the Power 5 deliver?

The battery of the WakaWaka Power 5 has a capacity of 5000 mAh, this means that devices with a smaller (or equally sized) battery capacity can be fully charged with the Power 5. Some high-tech phones have a capacity beyond 5000 mAh. A Power 5 can charge these phones, but not until 100% at once. Please check the capacity of the battery of your phone if it is not fully charged.

It is possible to charge three devices simultaneously but bear in mind the proper connectors, especially when charging Apple products; an Android device can go into the Apple connector.

If your Power 5 isn’t charging other devices, you can first check if you’ve used good quality data cables. You could try to use another cable and see what happens.


How fast does the Power 5 charge other devices?

The Power 5 has a USB 2.1 A outlet with which it can charge your device effectively. How fast it charges exactly depends on the capacity of your device.



You can find the more information on the following page: https://waka-waka.com/media/ww_manuals_power5.pdf

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