I’m travelling with my WakaWaka by air, what should I bear in mind?

Bear in mind that travelling with your WakaWaka by air confronts you with custom regulations. The WakaWaka Power+, WakaWaka Base5 and WakaWaka Base10 have a LiPo battery, which falls under specific regulations at customs. Please check airline baggage regulations for the exact regulations at your flight. 

In a few countries, e.g. China and Thailand, the customs may ask you for information on the specifications of the Lithium Ion battery of your WakaWaka.

Due to the fact that regulations have changed in above countries, our older WakaWaka models do not have the todays obligate stickers with technical informations. To make travelling a bit easier for you and to avoid problems at customs, we’ve created these stickers and we made a clear overview of the battery specifications. If customs are asking about specifications of the WakaWaka battery, please show them the following overview. (Tip: Save this overview on your phone for situations you don’t have access to internet)

We recommend you to check whether your WakaWaka has a sticker on it. If not, please print it and bring with you when traveling:

WakaWaka Power+ 

WakaWaka Light Classic

WakaWaka Base10


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