What do the different indicator lights on my WakaWaka Base mean?

  • Red lights:

This light indicates how much sunlight/energy is being captured by the solar panel and therefore, the speed of charging via the sun.

  • Yellow lights:

The yellow lights indicate the battery status. You can see if the battery is fully charged by pushing the big button on the battery pack. These lights blink when the battery pack is charging via the grid or sun. If the first light blinks it means that the WWB is charging between 0-25%, second light: 25-50%, third light: 50-75% and the fourth light: 75-100%. If the battery status shows only one light, it could be that your WWB doesn’t have enough power to charge your phone. However you can still use the lights perfectly!

  • Blue light

The small blue light indicates whether a device or a light is connected to the battery pack and whether it is charging.

  • Green light

The green light show whether your WakaWaka is connected to the grid for charging.



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