Do any of your other products have the same issue?
No, just the WakaWaka Powers have this minor cosmetic issue. The WakaWaka Lights are still going strong and our newest family member the WakaWaka Base, has passed the bubble-tests.


How do I get a replacement?
Ready to replace your WakaWaka? Use this Replacement Request Form to submit your request.  


My WakaWaka is not showing bubbles, but I want a new one since I don’t trust the quality. Is that possible?
We get it. Two WakaWakas are always better than one.  Until December 31, 2015 we will replace all Powers purchased before September 1, 2015.

What happens with the defect/returned WakaWakas?
You can keep your WakaWaka since this minor cosmetic issue does not affect the performance. Still want to return it? Send us an email at


Are you still selling online (or via retail)?
We are taking pre-orders for the new WakaWaka Power+ units that will arrive in a few weeks. Since it is a minor cosmetic issue and does not affect performance, in support of our important mission many of our distributors and retailers are still selling the WakaWaka Power+ units they have in stock.


What happens when my WakaWaka appears to have these bubble after a year?
We have fixed the issue and your new WakaWaka will have a bubble-free two year warranty. 



How can you guarantee that the WakaWaka Base does not have the same issue?
The WakaWaka Bases have passed through rigorous testing and were not affected by this minor cosmetic issue.


What do I do If I can't find my proof of purchase?
No worries. Please send us an email at so we can help you.


Do I pay for the shipping costs when returning my defect WakaWaka? 
Nope. Yeah, so our definition of replacement may be a little bit different that what you are used to, you can keep the original unit.. We recommend you do something good with it :-)


When can I expect to have my replacement WakaWaka?
We have fixed the Power units and we expect the new ones in a few weeks. 


How can you guarantee me that the new WakaWaka Power+ won’t have these issues as well?
We rigorously tested the Power units and fixed the issue. Your new WakaWaka will be bubble free!


I’ve had trouble with my WakaWaka from the beginning, can I just have my money back?
Sorry you are having trouble with your WakaWaka. While we are not offering refunds, until December 31, 2015 we will replace all Powers purchased before September 1, 2015.

What about the WakaWakas that have been donated to people that live off grid? Will they be able to replace their WakaWaka?
We thought long and hard about how to be responsible to Agents of Light who depend on their WakaWakas daily. As a company that places impact first and foremost, we believe it would be irresponsible to take away perfectly performing WakaWakas from the people that need them most.


I purchased my WakaWaka at another web shop, whom should I contact to get a replacement? 
Thanks for surfing the Internet to purchase a WakaWaka from one of our trusted retail partners! You’re the best. Place your replacement request here:


If I replace my sunburned WakaWaka, do you automatically replace my donated WakaWaka?
Since the small bublles may only appear on the WakaWaka Power products, your donated WakaWaka Light is still going strong and providing much needed light. 


If I get a new one, can I donate another give one?
No. But we are looking at ways to increase our impact. We’re always open for suggestions.


Can I choose the WakaWaka color?
Nope. You are getting a beautiful new white WakaWaka Power+


I got my branded WakaWaka as a Christmas gift from ‘Company x’, am I also eligible for a replacement? 

You must be working for one for the best companies ever! Until December 31, 2015, we will replace any Powers received before September 1, 2015. 

I don’t want ...... but I want to ....... in order to get a .......? 
Is that possible? Nope. We will replace all Powers purchased before September 1, 2015, until December 31, 2015. We cannot ...... with a ..... for your .... Good try, though!



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